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I found Tamara when I was desperately seeking help for severe pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

K.F. Northport , MI

Tamara is simply amazing. Not only is she incredible at what she does as acupuncturist, she is a wonderful person who makes it her mission to help

J.Y. Lake Leelanau, MI

I initially sought Tamara’s expertise with helping me heal from a physical ailment (major problems with my digestive system).

A.S. Suttons Bay, MI

An autoimmune disease caused me to need a liver transplant. The transplant saved me — BUT I was not able to LIVE until I found Tamara Graf! Tamara, the proprietor

Life after a Liver Transplant

Tamara Graf & Acupuncture did for me: • I no longer have chronic fatigue • I can exercise again • My muscles no longer miss-fire at rest — it looked

relief from Post Polio Syndrome

For over 6 years, I suffered from a mysterious inflammation of my face and neck area. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars on professionals in many branches of

Skin Rejuvenation

She has abundant knowledge beyond the role of acupuncture and provided me with holistic, all encompassing methods to bring me into a better state of mind and thus, body.  Two

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (aka Regional Pain Syndrome)

I would highly recommend you to visit Tamara Graf for a complete evaluation and to learn how acupuncture can improve your quality of life. I began acupuncture treatments with Tamara

Pain Relief and Strengthened Immune System

My heart Doctor says this combination of: Chinese Herbal Medicine, plenty of rest, eating right, and exercise have gotten my High Blood Pressure under control.  The though of using medication

High Blood Pressure

About two months after my first treatment, I could no longer deny the impact. People who knew me well could see that my mood was lighter, I smiled more and

Relief from six years of non-stop migraine

First off I’d like to say what a great person Tamara is. She takes the time to listen and understand exactly what your needs are.  I have had trigeminal neuralgia

Chronic Pain Relief

I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis 3 years ago.  My symptoms (fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain) were severe enough that I was immediately placed on a high dose of steroids. 

Relief from Sarcoidosis

I’ve been working with Tamara a few months now. I’ve made so much progress, and Tamara is delightful!  She is very knowledgeable and kind.  Listens and works with you to

Highly Recommend!!!

I had been living with a headache that was a constant companion. It always felt like I was coming down with a head cold. It was there when I got

40-Year Headache

After relying on traditional fertility treatments for my first pregnancy, I decide to work with Tamara, using Acupuncture, diet and Chinese Herbal therapy. Immediately, I noticed a difference in my

Infertility…to Twins!

Twenty years ago I was in the Marines. I had fallen off a truck and ruptured my C-7 vertebrae. This left me with neck pain and numbness in my right

Playing Guitar Again

I’ve always had bladder infections, consistently 2-3 times per year. About 10 years ago I went in for another one, but no bacteria was found in my urine. I was

Irritable Bladder Syndrome Relief