A.S. Suttons Bay, MI

I initially sought Tamara’s expertise with helping me heal from a physical ailment (major problems with my digestive system). Through work on both of our parts, regular visits and Tamara’s guidance- I was healed. I kept returning. My reason? There are not adequate words to describe the healing that takes place in Tamara’s office. I leave with a feeling of Euphoria. Our time together invokes a balance of mind, body, and spirit I have never experienced. As my physical ailments healed- another “magical” thing began to happen- my mind and soul began to feel a peace. A true inner peace and I believe it all has to do with my visits to Tamara and acupuncture.   Do not put this off. GO!   Set up an appointment and from the first moments you will never look back. Now, Tamara and her practice are a regular part of my health journey. Her ability to heal and balance your entire mind, body, and soul are truly remarkable. I am grateful to her daily.