relief from Post Polio Syndrome


Tamara Graf & Acupuncture did for me:

• I no longer have chronic fatigue

• I can exercise again

• My muscles no longer miss-fire at rest — it looked like I had little things crawling under my skin

• I have energy to do my work and enjoy life again!

At age 5, I was affected by the Polio virus as a result of receiving the vaccination. I had what was considered full recovery and lead an active life. I was even on a Track and Field Scholarship at Western Michigan University.

35 years later, I began to experience what I later learned was “Post Polio Syndrome” symptoms. These symptoms left me weak, fatigued and mildly depressed. It seemed that I had lost so much, an ability to work effectively and participate in recreational activities.

My physician did not understand PPS and suggested that my symptoms were mental. A friend suggested I try Acupuncture as I had nothing to lose, I gave it a try. Mind you,

I thought Acupuncture was “Hocus-Pocus” and didn’t believe in Eastern Medicine. I was so desperate, I called Tamara.

I now live an active lifestyle again and have found relief from these symptoms. I use Chinese Herbs, eat healthy and get worked on regularly by Tamara.

Thank you Tamara ! I am now a believer! 

~Mike F