Skin Rejuvenation


For over 6 years, I suffered from a mysterious inflammation of my face and neck area. My husband and I spent thousands of dollars on professionals in many branches of modern medicines well as experts in alternative therapies from colonics to hypnosis and everything in between. We tried herbs, creams, cautious diets and even fasting. We also eliminated suspect chemicals from our household.

While I do believe some of these efforts helped to rebuild my system’s strength, it wasn’t until I visited Tamara for my second acupuncture appointment that my relief was suddenly very noticeable not only by me but other people in my life. My energy picked up and the swelling and redness diminished! It was so amazing! I mean, really amazing!

I am continuing treatments even though my episodes have almost disappeared entirely because her skin rejuvenation is truly helping my face recover from years of swelling and itching. We are also rebuilding the probable calcium loss in my body from many years of Prednisone use.

I completely trust Tamara’s advice and find that when I do what she recommends, the results are positive. For me, Tamara with her expertise was a God-send and I am truly thankful for having found her.

~Jacquie A, Traverse City