Irritable Bladder Syndrome Relief

I’ve always had bladder infections, consistently 2-3 times per year. About 10 years ago I went in for another one, but no bacteria was found in my urine. I was diagnosed with “irritable bladder syndrome” and was told to stay away from coffee, wine and acid rich foods like tomatoes. I was told by my MD to learn to live with it. There was nothing I could do about it. Within 2 treatments with Tamara I had 1 or 2 painful episodes. Within 3 months of treatments with Tamara, I had no pain whatsoever ever.

I was having extreme issues with my menstrual cycle: Irregular, painful, spotting, etc. After only a few treatments and about 3 months of supplements from Tamara, I now have very regular, normal periods. I would have spent thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars on medical testing and doctors to be probably put on drugs or hormone therapy if I hadn’t found Tamara. And drugs and hormone therapies always have side effects. I am very thankful to have Tamara in my life!!