April 30, 2017

The soul is the same


A quote to think about today…

“The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.”


October 19, 2016

The guiding principal of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I am honored to live in Leelanau County, surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty, rolling hills, protected lands and lots of water. Here’s some photos from the area for you to enjoy. Nature provides us the opportunity to recognize our inter-dependence and our inter-connectedness with it.

According to Chinese philosophy man is a microcosm or hologram of the natural world with structural and functional characteristics, corresponding to those of its immediate environment and nature as well as to those of the Universe.

Just as we a a microcosm to the greater universe, Parts of our human body can be viewed as microsystems, or holograms, representing the greater whole. The larger map of our body can be mapped out onto a smaller regions of our body, such as your limbs, hands, feet, face and ear. As a practitioner, I am able to utilize the microsystem on various areas of the body to re-establish balance in the greater whole.


Northern Michigan Nature Photography seen here provided by local Mother/Daughter artists and photographers: Raquel Jackson of Rockwell Art & Design and Char Davis of Dancing Frog Press. Please contact for permission to use. All Rights Reserved. ®